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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

HiHi ♥

what's up? hopefully fine ya?
[[ SEE. i got a new cloth with the cloud pattern on it, 
i loved it so much.
ohh my lovely owner!thanks for giving such a wonderful cloth for me ye...HeeHee.]]

i guess if my blog could talk,im sure, she would told me all these stuff, right my beloved Blog?,HAHA.okeh.okeh.come  let me introduce HER to you.

Blog's name : mynameisnathalie.blogspot.com

Gender        : girl.(Blog...like it not? HAHA. )

Date of birth   : 22 August 2011

Interest : make friend with other blogs, make up ...(wahwah)

status : a new blog still, waiting for my LAZY owner to feed me and make up me...

anyways, just ignore my craps la ye.more craps come when you get excited on the new things for example like creating a cute miut blog like this.HAHA,anyways my Blog, let's have a happy journey together.promise.  ♥ 

welcome to Nathalie's Blog. :)

thanks for reading!


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