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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Why Facebook was Blue in Colour?

what's up? fine?

Dear Readers.It's Raya Ke-dua,Happy Raya Merdeka to all of Malaysia Citizens especially to all of my Blogger friends ya.Thanks for followed my common blog and drop comment.mucks.muaks and Happy Birthday Malaysia!In the blink of an eyes you are celebrated your 54 years Today.
May God Bless You.

Now a days, Facebook  not a common things among us anymore.you try la to figure out any of peoples around you whom doesn't have FaceBook account.Im sure you can count it with you cute little fingers ja.For me,As long as their know how to read and online.Im Sure They do  have One.oh ya!
Even now my lame brother also have one.He just 11 years old and He make another one account for our Cat.Nickhun(T.T).lame tak adikku? aiyoyo.Hai-repa! 

Hee.Hee.To all the Kpop lover or to be exact Nickhun's fans, Sorry.i have Nickhun right before you.Jangan jeles.HAHA.okeh,okeh. let's back to the main topic.

Facebook Histolly~

Semasa Mark menuntut di Havard University, beliau berhasrat untuk meminang i jadi princess nya.oh ya.love at the first sight ya.Jadi beliau pun datangla ke rumah.Masa tu.Mark masih lagi belajar sem (2) di Havard university.wah! i apa lagi.I do la jawabnya.Ayah tak suka Mark.dia mati mati tak suka Si Mark tu.sebab hidung dia panjang dan tak pandai cakap sarawak.haih.(pls la Ayah,mana de mat salleh idung pendek.ayo.)okeh. Syawal joke ye kawan kawan.silalah abaikan.

Dear Mark Zuckberg,if you are reading this,Cool down  bebeh! im sorry!*ala ala amir RL seket*

 The FB histoolly which create by me is not totally wrong ye.During Mark second semester in Hardvard University.He got an inspiration to create a social  networking web which able to connecting he and his colleagues and name it Facemash.com.

however, the Facemash.com was banned or boycott by his campus once they known about it because for them it's just another social web that could gave  harm to colleagues.Beside that, he was treated to be discharged from the campus(namun tidak jadi) if he still go on with the Facemash.He had try very hard to convince the campus authorized peoples how much is the potential of the Facemash to world.

jeng,jeng.Mark Berjaya meyakinkan Mereka!(syukur)

During 2004,Mark succesfully create another new networking web.Name "The Facebook"(kesukaan kita.hee.hee) and within a month  users for this website is exactly half of the colleagues in Harvard.Investors from all the country was come without hesitation after their realized the fB potential and finally,FB go trough around the worlds until today.


mula mula lu,Facebook face dia macam gini C:

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Syarikat: Perseorangan
Didirikan: Cambridge, Massachusetts (4 Februari 2004)
SyarikatPusat: Palo Alto, California & Dublin, Irlandia (Kantor Pusat Internasional untuk Eropa, Afrika, dan Timur Tengah)
Penubuh: Mark Zuckerberg (Pendiri dan CEO), Dustin Moskovitz (Co-founder),Sheryl Sandberg (COO), Matt Cohler (VP of Product Management), Chris Hughes (Co-founder)
Pendapatan: USD 300 juta 2008
Jumlah Pekerja: 700 (November 2008)
web: www.facebook.com
Versi Bahasa: Afrika, Arab, Bengali, Bulgaria, Catalan, China, China (Hong Kong), China (Taiwan), Kroasia, Ceko, Denmark, Belanda, Inggris (American), Inggris (British), Filipino, Finlandia, Perancis, Jerman, Yunani, Ibrani, Hungaria, Indonesia, Irlandia, Italia, Jepang, Korea, Lithuania, Melayu, Norwegia (bokmål), Polandia, Portugal (Brazil), Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spanyol (Castilian), Swedia, Thai, Turki, Vietnam, Wales.

Tau Tak kenapa Facebook color Biru?

This is because Blue  is clear for a Blind colour Peoples kate sahabatku Bethie.She said Blind color person can only detect Blue or Red colour clearly. kalau betul.murni sungguh  heart Mark ye.jatuh hati i.Hee.sudah.sudah abaikan!

 Readers,Do take care ya. muaks!
Regard: Nathalie :)

thanks for reading!

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