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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pack and Leave Tommorow.

Hello guys!
what's up? fine?

Today,When i was ber-blog walking, i stumbled to almost 5 to 6 blog which Blog out about the Same issue.APA LAGI if not --->6%,6% and 6% extra top up tax!.It's really become Hug issue now a days.Haih, i also don't understand why do Government need to adds on those tax to top up.Hmm.We Really couldn't do anything.Now, i thinking on which party that i should choose for the next election instead of government.Haha.Should i join "bersih" community?Haha.Joke ja ya.Just ignore.How about you guys? fine with the %6 or not? Haha.

A bit  Stress!!still Choosing stuffs that shouldn't be in my luggage so that i can make it 20 kg.haiyo.Should i bring these old cloth.Should i Bring this...Should i bring that.Arrghh.Pack and Pack, finally it's become like peoples whom wanna move from one Dynasty to another Dynasty.Haih.Doesn't have any feeling to go back Uni.Again.Don't know why =Tiring Day,emo inside out.So guys,Just ignore ya.

In the blink of an eyes, 4 month was end very very Soon.I'm already miss my Home and friends at here very much even my feet still at Home.For real,Mom,DaD,Bro,I Loved U very much.

To my cat(Nickhun),don't be naughty and Arrogant , gave birth a cute gran-daughter and grandson for me. Mom will always miss your cakaran and your voices darl.Lol. DA~

Take care everyone!

Best Regard :Nathalie !

Thanks For Reading!


  1. Seriously 4 months are like yesterday. Huhu...Selamat berkuliah semula.

  2. indeed :D Selamat berkuliah juga kpd Cik simplySeoul...