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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Welcome To Sarawak -(Part I) - Ethnic Groups Traditional Attires.

                                                                  Hello:) !

                                                          what's up? fine?

Hehe.Come let me Introduce and giving more impression of  the land of Horn bill or My Sarawak to you guys.Hope you guys will like it ya.Haha.Okeh,As you guys already know,Sarawak is a country which fulfilled by around 17 ethnic groups in it. For me. the differences was really nice, it's allowed me to learn something new and experience the different cultural.:)

Well.Different Ethnic having a different cultural,language and their own  traditional attires.
Some of them were as followed!:)

Ethnic Bidayuh

Ethnic Bidayuh is mostly constitute in town or villages around Kuching such as Samarahan ,Lundu ,Bau
 in Sarawak.Most of them used to live in basin of the Sarawak River.But now, the long house is replace to the individual houses.Since then,their activities is more to agricultural and plant fruit especially Durian.For you guys information, Durian is not a difficult fruit to find throughout the year in Kuching.So if you are the "IBU or BAPAK"ayam.Ops !Im sorry!Haha. I mean a Durian Lover or "IBU or BAPAK" Durian.You should come here,the  price of the Durian was very reasonable as well since there have a lots.

Ethnic kenyah

Try to See their ears...according to oldest, the lengthen of the ears is symbolize of their beauty.They start to clinging ears with something heavy since they were young. so makin panjang makin cantek gitu.LOL.

Ethnic iban

Im adored the "tangguk" and the "sanggul" accessories.It's nice kan? "Tangguk" is the accessories around the chest.The fabric is woven product.The originality of the Sanggul accessories is from measure from their weight.More heavy is more pure~

Ethnic Lumbawang
 Well,  Simple and nice attires... one of the fact that i must admit even you guys might feel it's ridiculous.most of them(Ethnic Lumbawang) were very pretty and handsome indeed.Im Serious.But when they start to talk, it's will Sound  a bit harsh  but not harsh ya,it's probably because of their speaking volume.Haha.

   Every single things in the attires was very expensive,because each of them was made carefully.Especially the "manik" necklace, their forehead band(manic based) and others accessories was very unique and valuable.By the time you guys come to Sarawak and having a chance to wear it, don't hesitate to give it a try ya.hehe.

stay tune! :)

Take care everyone!

Best Regard :Nathalie.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. hmm that lumbawang girl's pretty.. :)

  2. hahaha :) Thanks Drop by Ayie :)

  3. i really want to go to sarawak.b4 this i only watch in tv bout perempuan telinga panjang tu.hehe.

  4. You are very welcome my Dear Sitihanisahali :)telinga panjang tu memang org kenyah.tradisi la kot.haha :D

  5. Ooh you're a sarawakian? Hi...I'm a sabahan.

  6. yes SimplySeoul!hahaha.Hi Jiran!
    nice to "meet" you ;p