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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Welcome To Sarawak - (Part II) - Special Food and Cuisine.

Hello guys!

what's up? fine?

Hehe, Well,I had been in peninsular for three years plus.For real,Food in peninsular that i  MUST miss when I'm go back to Sarawak soon after i Graduate next year (God willing) is surely-definitely-absolutely is my Dear LAKSA Penang.I really a "Mak Laksa"You know.

I had try to make Laksa few time at home but  Failed( must got something wrong with the noddle)nothing doubtful, it's the noddle faults,it's really not related with my cooking skills.Haha.actually I don't know how to cook it at all.Hihi.Nevermind,I Plan to take an extra Laksa cooking tuition from any aunty that willing to teach.So calm down ya guys.once i success i will faster post it out.Haha.

                    Anyways , 6 food or cuisine is a MUST TRY Food When you guys come to Sarawak.

                                                                    Let's figure it out! :)

Same as in Peninsular,Sarawak Have it's own Laksa too.But i don't like it.Haha.I mean it's really does tasted Good just i  don't really adored the  thin sauce(kuah) because it's a "santan" based.Furthermore, Sarawak doesn't have the rice noddles as in Peninsular.The noddles used for the laksa is "Bihoon"Hoho.LaksaSarawak  main ingredient is chicken,octopus,shrimps.(sour taste) and a bit "Belacan Bakar" as add ons.


well, it's a "Kampung" vegetables.It's mine family favorite tough!Haha.It's a wild Vegetable that easily bent and convenience to cook and Taste nice.

Fresh fish (to be exact fish which suitable for umai,own less bone) which cut in small slice and mix with the union,Lemon juice(jus limau kasturi),Red peppers, a bit salt.A simple but nice dish.Some of peoples put "Asam Paya" as an additional flavor.Those who Loved sour cuisine .You should try ya. :)

 One of the Etnic melanau(Malay in Sarawak)  food, it's made from the Sagu Flour.The Sagu Flour will mix up with a hot water and associate slowly until become like in the figure.(It's texture was like Glue)Haha.It's a suitable food for family.Serve with Tom yam and food which sour and spicy!!


Terubuk fish ia one of the expensive fish in Sarawak,It's cost Rm 15-18 per kg(In my hometown).Good fish with an excellent taste, it's have a lots of bone too, The possibility to be choke is high for those whom don't know the etiquette of eating this kind of Fish.Haha.make sure you leave the bone aside first before eating yaa?Really worth to try.Im promise.:)

Traditional cake with variety of the design and colors.As you guys might be already know, it's took a lot of effort in making a cake,since it's design carefully,layer per layer.The Taste is Definitely Good la, since all the ingredient used in making a cake is very expensive and in the best quality.

p/s: Ulat Sawit is really Delicious when it's been fried.It's nice than KFC,MCD,MarryBrown and etc tough!

Current Mode:It's 2.34 pm in the morning.Sleepy but coudn't sleep because of the shyness to sleep infront of the crowds in LCCT,
Waiting for the connecting flight to north patiently zZzzZzzZ
 feel alone and damn miss Home TT

Guys!Do enjoy you School Reopen,Assignments and Campus life,God Bless You.

                                                               Do Take care Everyone !zZZzzZ
Regard :Nathalie zZzz

Thanks for Reading !zzZZZzzz


  1. sedapnyer kek sarawak...

    hari tu dh mkn kazen bawak dari sane..

    rase mcm x cukup..nyum..

  2. Haha.Betul.Betul.Kalau nak buat satu pun ambik banyak masa juga :D

    Thanks Drop by :)

  3. kek sarawak sangat sedap . makan sekali nak lagi . hee:)

  4. peh.. sedap2.. aku kalau boleh memang nak pegi gk srawak sekali. hehe.

  5. @Cik Ini Belog.Cinta hati saya.A.k.a cik Choki :ya.hehe :D

    @Orang Lidi :Mai la lagi :)

    Thanks For Drop by dua duanya :D