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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Yiruma @ i -Ru -Ma.

                                                             Hello :)!

                                                        what's up? fine?

 Hehe, it's left a week more before I'm go back to Uni and yes I feel little sad and a bit complicated don't know why..However,i was never bother on that tough.haha.I know As long i pray and believe in HIS Plan for me,every obstacles is count nothing.Hehehe, Let's things just follow the flow lah.okeh.Yiruma!you guys know him or not?.What ?! Don't know??.okeh nevermind. If you are a fan of the romantic piano music, He shouldn't be a strangers to you.Hmm.If you guys notice In Twilight (ala movie Edward Cullen & Bella tuh), one of the piano's soundtrack inside the movie is called "River Flow in you" was played by him...come la let's "see" Him.

   proudly present my bebeh!*giggles*

yiruma @ i-ru-ma

Well, he is the guy that i adored most after my Dad,my Mom,my Brother and my Cat(nickhun).HAHA.Yiruma is an international known  talented pianist and composer whom come from South Korea and being raised and educated in England.Play piano since he was 5 years old!

He never failed to impressed his fans especially me.Haha.Okeh,im just a normal girl la ye,it's pretty common and very normal for me to adored someone Cute,Gentle,Sweet,Charming Humble,and many more like him kan?HAHAHA.(Gedik~)

He had Comes out with  a lot of famous pieces such as,River Flow in you,Kiss the Rain,I,Dream,First Love and etc.You guys can try to listen to those pieces.It's really worth to Listen tough.I Sweearrr!.:)

Hehe,each of his music pieces having it's own beautiful meaning inside it.you can try to figure out by listening to it.For example "Do you", it's a pieces used to Proposed his wife (Miss Korea Song Hye Im)once ago.Sweeet and Romantic huh?...* tetiba rasa jeles *.

his wife was very gorgeous huh,they were such a perfect match!

in hanbok(korean's attire )

!~ Loved Yiruma~!

Take care everyone :)
Best Regard :Nathalie!

 Thanks for Reading!


  1. her wife sangat cantek maa ! hee ^^

  2. haha.arkan..shantek betul :D Thanks melawat Cik Nurun :)