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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Women and Engineering? Why not!!!??

 Well, i was very busy growing fat at home.
What i must admitted here is it's was so heavennn!!,imagine that,every morning, there will have pleasant breakfast or lunch on the table just after you wake up.Not enough with that, all the korean drama on TV seems so catchy and extremely won't let the eyes sore, well, being a big madam in my own home, online and slacking like a useless brats do! wohoooo~Finally i will graduating very soon, (God willing)....

.but even so, 

i have to get myself a job as fast as possible, so that i can accomplish my "what to do-with first salary list" that i had planned last year or else i will become mother of an elephant or like pig in Angry bird very soon.grrrrr...!!  huhuuu.Well, God's plan is bigger than our plan,my plan was stuck everywhere now,but still, i feel so grateful  to have a very supportive and warm small family that stand by me no matter what it's take,no doubts.

but still

.I wish  i could get a job before my convocation....

sorry for grumbling  here, I just don't agree with the point of view of some of the companies in my hometown especially the huge and largest heavy industries companies.Well;for the last interview, i  wear my baju kurung with a tiny flower in pattern with the coat and  pair of shoes, just a simple formal shoes,(just being suggested by a friend and internet) with some small button in front of the shoes, I guess because of the shoes and my appearance they don't want me for the job position, or maybe i'm still not qualified to be an engineer, i don't know.

I can sense it when one of the interviewer is looking at my shoes and afterward he shake his head like no tomorrow---  macam ini--->.*(-.-)*,afterward, give me a sarcastic smile (#>#) with a long sigh like haihhhhhhhhyooo....*, ==||| I was like  felt extremely small and weak and lost and broken heart and  blood pressure increasing for like 200 pulse per s..ok stop,sorry for being exaggerating, this the only way i can expressed  how  frustrated am i to you guys.Well,  they give me 2 weeks to wait for the news and now the 2 weeks is over.So, they don't want me.Okay.My what we called "Rezeki" is not there, I'm let go.

I never know  girls is discriminated from engineering field,if so.
why didn't you suggest to the government to prohibited all the girls from taking any Engineering course in all university ?~(~><~)~

haih, wanna put  a blame on them also is not totally right, if girl in engineering field ,especially mechanical like me, can i even stand for long  hours at offshore,exposes to a lots of heavy equipment, doing technical maintenance work,climbing,swimming in the  large equipment to make sure no downtime,work under pressure and so on. I also don't know whether i can do it or not. indeed.But can't they give me a chance to try?

Guess No.

P/s: companies- - -You should Trust me I'm an "Engineer".