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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Davichi - Will think of you

Awesome voice -Won-MAMA 2012
Best vocal for duet group;

Keep replay this song since few days ago.OMG! I seriously loved the combination
of their voices!
Blessed day dear fellows blogger friends!

 Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Trust me i'm an Engineer. Wahaha

                                                  Hello, Hi, konichiwa, anyneosayo,
                                              haha, it's been a while since my last updated,
i can sense dust is everywhere,sorry  guys, Life is so busy lately. Forgive me for the late updated for whoever who might waiting for my updated, forgive me once again or else i will kiss you. hehe

Okay,right after my graduation ceremony last 2 month, I had been  hired by a company, near to home and unofficially become a power plant engineer.Far from my expectation, everything went like so fast and so cool.Only God know how much i feel grateful for that.

Well, the title, as my self alone didn't brave enough to admit it.
There are 2 reasons behind it,


-because i'm still doesn't have the capability of an engineer i guess, will keep on improving. :)


-My job scope for now more to office works, do copying document, making tea and so on. = =
(don't asked me why)

I do feel slightly bad in this, but engineer with the multipurpose ability, doesn't it's  nice ?
Okay, anyways , when a project come in hand, i'm slightly better, at least i know i got something engineer can do and learn.

okay,stay tune, take care!
Thanks for reading:)